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Telecommunications Information - PICC, USF, Slamming, Glossary ...

What you should know before switching your long distance service.

USF and PICC Fees - On July 1, 2000 the FCC ruled that long distance companies no longer will have to pay this fee to local companies for residential lines, or single line businesses but many long distance companies are still charging you for this!

What is Slamming and how to prevent it? - What to do when your phone lines are switched to another carrier without your permission.

Telecommunications Fun Facts - Telecommunications facts that are true but little known - some of them are even funny. Do you know when the 911 was introduced? Well, it was in ...

Some interesting facts and figures - interesting facts and figures about subscribers

Top 10 Largest Telecom Operators in World - Top 10 Largest Telecom Operators in World

Three Interesting Facts You Should Know About Telecommunications - Some interesting facts

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