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LDSearch.Com is proud to offer you the finest discounted communications products on earth, from name-brand carriers, at the lowest rates possible. See why our 1+ Long Distance Services, Calling Cards , IP Telephony Services, Local Dial Tone, Dial-Around Long Distance Services, Toll Free, Unlimited Long Distance Plans, Conference Calls, Cellular / Wireless Phone Services and Dial-Up & DSL Internet services are setting the standard! Our goal is to show you which service might be most cost effective for your needs. We have over 100 top quality companies/services/products in our database and only the BEST companies in the industry make it into our Best Rate Search engine results!

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Not sure which service is the best for you (or your business)?
For a FAST and EASY detailed rate analysis for all of our long distance carriers - side by side - in your area, use our Best Rate Calculators (includes USA Domestic & Business Calculator, Domestic & International Calling Card / Dial Around Calculator and Dedicated Services (T1/T3 etc) Calculator)

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You want to save but you find phrases like long distance, dial tone, billed and prepaid, toll free, dial around, T1/T3 quotes, unlimited long distance etc confusing? Not sure which category to pick? Our easy guide explains it all! Also our consumer info section (menu on the left) is full of valuable information (including telecom glossary - coming soon) and money saving tips.

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